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"Rescue Man is a beautifully written heart-warming/wrenching story about a big-hearted man who got so stuck mourning those few he failed to rescue, he could not rejoice in the happiness of the many more he was able to save."

—L.C. Yarris, Writer, Book Reviewer, San Jose Mercury News                                                              

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Will Thompkins is fearless in the ER—he can sink his hands wrist-deep into the wound of an accident victim and wrestle down a crazed addict without flinching—until his parents are killed in a fiery crash and he's left to raise two orphaned siblings. Riddled with pain and convinced the world is no longer safe, he moves back into the Berkeley home of his youth and dives into parenting the only way he knows how—commando. At his side is his boyhood friend, Lee, who sheds his bat-shit crazy stripper girlfriend to help his friend raise two small children and stitch up his own gaping wounds.

From the book...

“So you have kids?” He almost choked on his coffee.

“I do. Although, I don’t usually talk about them on a first date.”

“It’s okay, the Tyrannosaurus poking me in the back on the couch was my first clue.

“Ah. Sorry about that. I thought I got them all. They’re my siblings. Long story.”

“You’re an interesting man.”

“If by that you mean I have baggage, you’re right. Quite a lot, actually.”

“I’m okay with baggage. I don’t do well with kids.”

“That’s ironic, I don’t do well without them.”

                                                                      Cover Art Joan Wong


Welcome to the fictional (and real) world that I inhabit. Take a spin and you can decide for yourself whether it's the protagonist or the author who is more in need of rescuing...

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