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Reviews for Rescue Man

Reviews from Readers’ Favorite, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads

What a joy to pick up Rescue Man. Here's a writer who understands what a novel should do—entertain. That is what P.J. Patterson does with this utterly charming and endearing novel. Rescue Man is an entertaining story of family love and adult romance, but there is a deeper level that touches readers as they explore the heartache and pain of the loss of a parent and the importance of taking time to grieve that loss.  Great writing from a talented novelist. It's hard to believe it's Patterson's first book.  —Viga Boland, Readers' Favorite

An unpredictable, authentic, lovely story filled with all the right ingredients: family, love, humor, loss, resilience and final redemption.  P.J. Patterson has drawn such fully realized characters, readers will find themselves developing a true attachment to the Thompkins family. It's a charming read, touching the heart deep, where selfless love and true hope reside.   —Scila Colombo, Readers Favorite

Rescue Man by P.J. Patterson is a touching and deeply inspiring read about one man's efforts to rebuild his family and give two small orphans the love and home that was taken from them when their parents died. Will Thompkin's efforts to be a good parent will likely be a source of inspiration to many readers. His trials and triumphs make him a character they can relate to and root for.    —Faridah Nassozi, Goodreads

Lynn Yarris, Writer, Book Reviewer (San Jose Mercury News)

Rescue Man is a beautifully written heart-warming/wrenching story about a big-hearted man who got so stuck mourning those few he failed to rescue, he could not rejoice in the happiness of the many more he was able to save. The protagonist, Will Thompkins is a well-drawn character who makes you love and care deeply for him even as you want to slap him across the head or boot him in the butt. His sense of responsibility for everyone else, from the younger siblings he raises as his own children, to his brother Dave, to his best friend Lee, and to the women in his life is admirable. At times, however, Will’s desire to cling to a childhood he reveres as idyllic prevents him from opening up to the possibilities of a full and rewarding adulthood. This holds especially true for his relationship with Samantha, a woman who is perfect for Will as everyone who knows him – including Will himself - can see. That said, Will’s strength and resourcefulness in helping those he loves succeed in their own lives despite knowing that he might get left behind makes him a hero to cheer for and Rescue Man a novel to savor.—Amazon

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